My brother

My brother is a nice brother. His name is Zayd. He is currently at university and has moved out. I don’t get to see him often but when I do I have the best time ever. When he comes to our house we usually go to Ormond Park and play soccer.

If I go to Zayd’s house we usually sit down and play video games and watch movies. Zayd is a really humble person and helps a lot. Some evidence of that is in the past he has been complimented by teachers saying that he is really helpful. He is also is very kind every time I go to his house he always orders pizza for me. He has a really funny person and is almost never negative and is really good at soccer and basketball. My brother has also taught me how to play these sports and I am really grateful for that. He has taken lots of care for me especially when I was little. My Mum never had to care for me because Zayd was always there for me and always took care of me. He treated me like I was his mum. When he got older he was really busy with university and his job and really never had time for me but we used to have fun here and there. He needed to move out because he was really busy with his life and I really miss my brother it felt like time flew away with Zayd.  Also one time that I am really grateful for is when I was struggling with school and I didn’t know anything. Then he really helped me learn vertical addition and multiplication and he made me improve lots. Zayd is the best brother he has helped me in my darkest times and has helped me when I need help so overall he is the greatest brother of all time.

BTN – Cyclone Yasi

Here is my opinion on why people should’ve not stayed in there homes when the cyclone in Yasi hit

1st this is obvious cyclones are way to dangerous and can do a lot of more damage u think it can cause flooding and also the cyclone would be to fierce for u to go outside so your stuck in your house

My 2nd point is if your staying in a house whats the point? i mean why stay in your house when u could go and be safe also if your living in your house u have a lot of valuables to take care of and whats the point when that could have been safe

In conclusion i think that u shouldn’t live in your house when i cyclone happens

100 WC Black Flamingo Extraordinary Poked Underneath

I went for a walk with my mum it was pitch black and then i saw a flamingo i go up to it and i wondered why would there be a flamingo in the night that was extraordinary weird but when i got close enough i then had relised it was a fake flamingo i turn around and i kept on walking then i felt like something poked me i said to myself “thats no way it was the flamingo” when i turn it around the flamingo was digging underneath the ground

BTN Volcanoes

I believe people should not be allowed to live near volcanoes here are my points

1st its too dangerous and theirs too many lives at risk and thats 1 of the reason people shouldn’t build there houses next to a volcanoes also another thing is that a lot of people might not know how to evacuate and they will panic

my 2nd argument is that scientists don’t have enough knowledge of volcanoes yet what i mean by that is we cant  prevent or stop them so thats why i think people shouldn’t live there so until we haven’t got anything to stop volcanoes we shouldn’t build our houses next to them

my 3rd argument is that if u do live next to a volcanoes theres a lot of risk because if u don’t have any money u will be homeless and u wont be able to do anything about it

So thats my argument about why people shouldn’t build there houses next to volcanoes so till then stay away from volcanoes

100 WC As I Stare Into the Water It Turned Green

I was at Rio Olympics and i was watching the swimming contest i was in my seat ready for the race to begin it was going to start in half an hour I was so exited then i noticed something strange i was starting to smell something very bad it smelt so bad and as I stare into the water it turned green the whole race was cancelled and i was disappointed i was going to leave but as soon as i got up my seat the manager had took 3 steps too fast then fell in to the green water…

BTN NZ Earthquake

In this video it talked about the deadly 2 earthquakes that hit New Zealand and i will be giving my opinion on both sides

1st of for New Zealand couldn’t be better prepared for the 2nd earthquake. Earthquake is a natural disaster and u really cant be prepared for it because its a natural disaster u cant predict its going to happen or know how bad its going to be it can happen anytime its nature.

2nd for the negative side. They should have been better prepared because it was the 2nd earthquake and dont u think they should’ve done some training just in case another earthquake happen as in the video they said that they all died because they were panicking and didn’t know what to do and hid under tables so they should’ve have been trained or been prepared for it if they knew what to do so many lives could have been saves but unfortunately over 100 people were killed and many were injured badly

I have told u all my opinions and showed you both sides of the argument what do you think?


100 WC

Our prompt was:


I was playing Pokemon go i promised my mom that i would just be in the field but then i saw a Charizard in the forest. I went there to find it. But it was gone i went deeper into the forest and still no luck. It started to get dark but i was lost i couldn’t find my way home. BRMM my phone vibrated i found a Squirtle. I caught it then kept on going then founded a Eevee than i found a Machop and i kept on finding more and more Pokemon. I lift my head up then i see my home. The Pokemons led me to my house. I go inside my house and my mum was sleeping then i saw a Jigglypuff a Pokemon that can make someone fall asleep with his song.




100 WC Sunshine,Purple,Ice,Frightened,flew

I was going to the haunted house with my brother. I was exited but also very frightened because i’m not a fan of ghosts and spooky stuff. But i wanted to go anyway. I mean it was my 1st time but i mean what was the worst that could happen?. We get our tickets from the man standing in front of the purple desk. We enter then i heard a strange laugh “what was that?” i said then i started to get goose bumps. it was ice cold in their. RAAAAAA i heard so many monsters and there were coming from ALL angles. I didn’t know what to DO I STARTED TO CRY. But then i saw the sunshine. It was the exit my brother said and we made it out of there. The monsters behind us some how flew away from our sights.

BTN The Leaders

I strongly believe i would vote for the greens here are my points.

My 1st argument is because the green loves animals and the environment. And i am a big animal lover so that’s why i would pick them. They take very good care of the environment and honestly i love plants etc.

my 2nd argument is that Even though it sounds like its just like they care about animals and the environment. They said that they would make a better economy and to me i think thats good. Because 1st there helping the environment but there also trying to make a better economy. And Richard Di Natale is a doctor well at least he used to be but i think that as an advantage because he can save the animals easier and he knows whats going on to the animal if its good or bad

So in conclusion this is why i would vote for the greens because they love animals and they want to make a better economy along with helping the environment. Even though the votes for the greens for 2016 was absolutely horrible i think they should have a chance and note that this is my opinion my parents did not vote for the greens. Thank you for listening

Science Expirment – Balloon Inflating By Itself

Aim: To observe if the soda water gives a reaction to the Mentos lolly.

Hypothesis/prediction: I think the soda water will rise and blow up the balloon and fill the balloon with gas


  1. Balloon
  2. Soda water
  3. Sprite
  4. Mentos
  5. Bottle


  1. Soda water in bottle half soda water in bottle
  2. Put Mentos in the balloon
  3. Put balloon on top of soda water
  4. Lift up balloon and watch!


After 1 day of the experiment the balloon was right inside the bottle

Abaans Science picture


The soda water is carbonated and that’s why it inflated but also the sprite had a bit less in the bottle than the soda water but because the outside of a Mentos is rough it makes the soda waters gas rise than sprite because the rough surface makes the gas rise more so the soda water reacts to the Mentos more


The soda water inflated the balloon more but I thought the sprite would inflate the balloon more. But soda water is carbonated so that’s why I think it inflated more. I thought the sprite would inflate the balloon more because it has more chemicals. What I could have done in the future is maybe put more Mentos because that could’ve made a bigger reaction. And I could’ve measured how much soda water I was putting and sprite